Lifestyle brand MUJI choose SameSystem

The world-famous chain of lifestyle stores MUJI has chosen the SameSystem Workforce Management solution for their Flagship-store in Illum in Copenhagen.

Danish tech company helps major audio retailer HiFi-Klubben with compliance abroad

Danish and European labour market rules are very different and can be a jungle for Danish companies with stores and branches in other countries. HiFi Klubben, which in addition to Denmark, is present in Germany, the Netherlands, Norway and Sweden, has control over both employee and holiday rules in five countries as well as the local employment contracts, which can be signed directly from the mobile, through a software solution from Danish SameSystem. The solution frees up resources for HiFi-Klubben, which the local people can instead use to run the chain’s approx. 90 stores.

Select UK & Ireland is no newcomer to workforce management systems

Apple reseller Select, based in the UK and Ireland, is no newcomer when it comes to workforce management systems. In fact, they have tried a couple of other systems over the last few years before settling on SameSystem. According to Martine Samuel-Maher, People Operations Manager at Select, the issues with other solutions are generally varying in the accuracy of the information for payroll, particularly regarding holidays, and simply not being very easy to use.

Shaping New Tomorrow enters collaboration with SameSystem

The Danish clothing chain Shaping New Tomorrow enters collaboration with the workforce management system SameSystem. The chain that started as a brick-and-mortar store today operates in an interplay between physical and online retail. Here, customers expect the same streamlined experience when they visit a store as when they shop online. Shaping New Tomorrow is on an international growth journey, and according to Store Manager Martin Bundgaard, SameSystem is the obvious choice for a partner to bring on this journey.

Restaurant Flammen steps up their workforce management

The Danish family-owned restaurant chain Restaurant Flammen chooses SameSystem as its digital workforce management partner. According to the COO of Restaurant Flammen, Christian Legarth Lund, SameSystem will help ensure better and more accurate payroll processing for the benefit of both district and restaurant managers as well as employees in the chain’s 16 restaurants across the country.

SameSystem helps Wunderwear grow online

Although SameSystem is designed to help physical retailers manage staffing in their stores, the Danish SaaS company can also help create growth online. This is the case with the underwear chain Wunderwear, which is looking to expand its physical presence and generate more growth, both in its stores and on its webshop. “The better SameSystem can help the individual store owner solve administrative work, the better we as a chain can grow,” says Peter Høyer, chairman of the board of Wunderwear.

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